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July 03 2014


Certified General Contractor in Jacksonville specializing in remodeling projects, kitchens, bathrooms and additions. Also commercial and home improvements.

Licensed General Contractor in Jacksonville Fl.- FREE Estimates, call us AGAIN if we BUSY

Are you getting ready to make some changes in your home? You probably have a million ideas or you’re thinking of five different things at once. This new project can be thrilling, but try not to get too caught up in the excitement; tackling a new remodeling job requires a bit of prep work so that you can ensure you will get exactly what you want within the budget you have allotted.

We CAN HELP, call us today 904 647 1006 for a FREE estimate.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! 13 Years in Business – We’ll be Happy To Help – Smarter Investments Corp. JACKSONVILLE FL http://generalcontractorjax.com/
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